Juke hopes to enrich the live music experience for the artist, the audience, and the venue by providing an intuitive and accessible channel of communication that allows for tailored performances. 




Grif united two of his greatest joys in founding Juke - building tech products that delight their user and experiencing live music at bars and restaurants with his friends and family.

Favorite Song to Request:

I've Got Friends in Low Places

by Garth Brooks



Liv works to deliver the Juke mission to you in a clear and beautiful way. She specializes in interactive design while also drawing from her experience as a studio artist.

Favorite Song to Request:

Ooh La La by Faces

Ryan Kreager


Ryan is responsible for making all

of our ideas into a reality. In his programming career, his motivation has been to harness technology for the good of others.

Favorite Song to Request:

Sweet Home Alabama  

by Lynyrd Skynyrd

frani Chandler


Equipped with a communications and management background, Frani is leading the charge to find bands who share our passion about connecting with listeners.

Favorite Song to Request:

Wonderwall  by Oasis


Griffin finds his delight in live music repeatedly dampened by the cumbersome reality of requesting songs from the musician.

On a trip to Colorado, Griffin gets chatting with a stranger, Sam, who had been noticing the same issue. They became good friends and decided to take action. 

Griffin arrives back home to South Bend, IN and recruits a passionate bunch to make this idea into a reality.

Coronavirus strikes and live music naturally takes a whopping hit. The team uses this time to research and create.

Cautiously, the team reenters the scene and finds that this predicament is actually the ideal way to perfect a new form of virtual interaction.  

Now, we hope to deliver this service to you so that you never have to feel that same helpless feeling that spurred the origin of Juke.